Bob Titus to Lead as OPEN M CEO

openm_test Uncategorized August 8, 2017

OPEN M Board of Directors President, Jeff Murphy, announced today that OPEN M’s Chief Operating Officer, Bob Titus, will become CEO effective May 1, 2017. Mr. Titus will succeed Dottie Achmoody, who is retiring after 20 years of service to OPEN M, with the last 12 as CEO.

OPEN M (Opportunity for People Everywhere in Need Ministry) is an ecumenical Christian ministry established in Akron’s inner city in 1968 that is dedicated to building bridges out of poverty for clients, many of whom reside in the Summit Lake neighborhood. It houses Summit County’s largest free medical clinic, operates one of the largest food pantries in the area and, several years ago, began the Community Works Connection, a highly successful job placement service helping clients transition into the workforce and receive the mentoring needed to succeed.

“Much of OPEN M’s recent success has been achieved under Bob’s leadership,” said Murphy. “While Dottie provided the spark for many of those initiatives, Bob fanned them into a flame by his tireless service. Bob is quick to give God and others the glory, but it’s clear that OPEN M wouldn’t be in the strong position that it is without his efforts.”

The OPEN M Search Committee received well over 200 resumes during its months-long effort and interviewed a number of outside candidates who demonstrated a strong commitment to non-profit work and serving those in need. In addition to strong organizational leadership and program development experience, candidates needed to demonstrate a compelling strategic vision for OPEN M and its future.

Murphy noted that, “When asked where OPEN M would head under his direction, Bob presented a vision that builds on the current foundation while recognizing that needs change over time. He made it clear that OPEN M must adapt its mission and methods if it is to stay relevant and truly engage with residents to make a holistic impact on their lives.”

“Dottie left big shoes to fill, but with the grace of God and the help of our dedicated staff and volunteers and partners in the community as well as the generous support from individuals, churches and foundations, I’m convinced that OPEN M can make an even bigger impact on the lives of those in need,” said Titus. “OPEN M has always been about providing a hand up, not a hand-out, and I look forward to partnering with an even larger group of stakeholders in the years ahead to make that a tangible reality in the Summit Lake area and beyond. 2018 marks 50 years of ministry for OPEN M. That’s an incredible feat that will allow us to reflect on God’s gift of the past as well as His promise for the future.”

“When Bob first came to OPEN M, I was convinced that he could move us in the right direction. His outstanding work implementing the Community Works Connection and leading day-to-day operations as COO have positioned him for continued success,” observed Achmoody. “I’m so thankful for Bob’s strong faith and an extremely competent and energetic Board that will help guide him.”

In order to ensure a smooth transition, Achmoody will stay on in a development role part-time for the remainder of 2017 working alongside Titus with community partners and funders to provide a strong base for a future under his leadership.

OPEN M is funded by individuals, churches, businesses and foundations and relies on its staff of 20 and over 1,200 volunteers to provide services to over 9,000 clients annually. The organization has grown from the four churches that established it to more than 70 covenant churches in 2016. To view its most recent annual report and learn more about OPEN M, visit

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