In Loving Memory of Omar Riley

openm_test Uncategorized August 8, 2017

Omar came to OPEN M in March of 2015 to join our Community Works Connection (CWC) program. During our week of classes, he forged a friendship with every one of his classmates. Omar always demonstrated leadership. He spoke often and kindly of his children. He was a proud father.

After graduating from the CWC program, Omar went on to work for Akron Polymers for a year before being laid off. He quickly found another job because he believed it was his duty to take care of his family.

Each of our graduates is asked to write a ‘blurb’ on their graduation pictures. Omar wrote ‘Life Changing.’  He knew he was on the road to becoming self-sufficient. We were deeply saddened by the news of the unexpected passing of Omar and his family. Omar will always be remembered as a leader and a family man.

May God rest his soul as he and his family have transitioned home to Our Father.

We love and miss you, Omar.

In Him,

Vikki B. Thomas and the CWC team

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