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Mentorship Matters

Many of our graduates need a support system outside of family and friends. A mentor offers a new perspective. The trials of day-to-day life don’t subside once a student chooses to start on a new path… That’s where you come in. A mentor walks that path with the client and acts as a much-needed source of encouragement.

The Commitment

Our Mentor Coordinator will work to find a good personality match between you and one of our clients. Once you’re paired with a mentee, we ask that you have two face-to-face meetings in the first month, then allow the relationship to develop organically. Typically, mentors are in touch with mentees every few weeks to check in and offer encouragement, though some find it’s more natural or helpful to be in more regular contact, and for some, slightly less. Just a few hours each month lets the client know they have a support to lean on.

Already a Mentor?

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OPEN M connects participants with strong, supportive mentors/coaches who encourage them to become positive forces in their community enabling them to sustain one job for one year.


Start Now

Call Dwayne, our Mentor Coordinator at 330-434-0110 x410 to begin your mentorship role with one of our CWC graduates. Or fill out the two forms below and we will be in contact with you shortly!