Shout Out to Pastor Campbell

openm_test Uncategorized August 8, 2017

OPEN M would like to gratefully acknowledge Pastor Oliver Campbell, our OPEN M Chaplain. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, you are encouraged to join us for Food 4 the Soul in the coming months. This is a new service series that Pastor Campbell has organized on the third Tuesday of each month in our multipurpose room. Each month, we’ll hear from a new speaker and enjoy a hot meal together. Volunteers will be available to pray with anyone at their request.

Food 4 the Soul is just one of many projects Pastor Campbell has put into motion since he began working with us this past year. From the community barbecue last summer, to speaking in CWC, to Bible Studies and Food 4 the Soul, he continuously puts his passion for this community into action. Pastor Campbell takes advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate the love and life of Christ to those around him—in his family, at his barber shop, to his congregation at Centenary UMC, and here at OPEN M.

We’d like to extend a whole-hearted THANK YOU for your dedication and devotion to our community, Pastor Campbell. We at OPEN M count ourselves among the many people in Akron who are blessed by your ministry.

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