Clinic Manager

Angel started as the Clinic Manager at OPEN M in February 2019. She worked as an LPN for 7 years in long term care before going to Kent State University to become a Registered Nurse.  She gained some invaluable experience working for the Cleveland Clinic before coming to OPEN M.

Angel lives in Boston Heights with her husband and son. They are big Ohio State Fans so naturally, their dogs are named Scarlet and Brutus. The newest member of the family is a kitten named June, who was rescued from the parking lot at OPEN M. In Angel’s spare time she is taking classes at Ohio University to obtain her BSN. Her favorite thing to hang out with her 5 year old son, who loves to go to the Zoo.

Personality type- ISFP-T

Three things people would be surprised to know about Angel include:

"I have an identical twin who is also a nurse. I grew up in Upstate NY so I refuse to call soda, pop. It will always be soda. I love ice cream- soft serve, custard, homemade or store bought- doesn’t matter. I love it all!"