Case Manager

Vikki is a native of Akron Ohio. Before coming to OPEN M, Vikki worked in the corporate world over 25 years, last working for corporate attorneys as the Conflict Coordinator and Records Manager.

At OPEN M Vikki was first responsible for community awareness for breast health care. That would entail; educating, organizing, scheduling and teaching self-breast exams through the Komen Foundation for the women of Summit County. Vikki was instrumental in arranging the mobile Mammogram Lab to visit OPEN M and perform Mammograms on the underserved.

Vikki accepted the position as the OPEN M Volunteer and Community Educator. In this capacity, Vikki led the charge in organizing annual events such as;

  • Project Homeless Connect Event
  • National Night Out
  • Socks for the Homeless Project

Vikki’s interpersonal relationship experience in conflict resolution and management have prepared her for various behaviors that manifest from some of the unemployed or underemployed population of the Community Works Connection candidates. Vikki quells the negative emotion and prides herself in the many positive results that have been achieved.

Vikki was certified as an Ohio Benefits Bank Counselor in 2011 and is up for recertification this year. This will enable Vikki to continue to assist CWC clients in obtaining; food stamps, utility assistance, tax preparation and more.

Vikki hopes to continue her mission by now serving as the Case Manager of the Community Works Connection in helping many of the same clients by assisting them in obtaining and retaining employment on their road to self-sufficiency.